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Energy and Quantum Entanglement

What is Energy?

Everything is made up of particles and those particles vibrate at a certain frequency depending on the density of the material. For those particles to stay together, a strong magnetic field is created around the object. Humans, animals, and plants have energy fields that can change quite rapidly due to our emotional nature that’s needed to maintain our life. Emotions are energy, when you break apart the word (e) (motions) you find (e)nergy in (motion). Physical movement and physical exertion is also energy in motion.

What is Quantum Entanglement?

Particles can affect the frequency of other particles by coming into contact with each other even when they are separated by vast distances. In the scientific world, that is called quantum entanglement, in the mental health and spiritual world, that is called connection. When two beings (two things full of many particles) are quantumly entangled with one another (they share an energetic connection) telepathy may occur due to the match in frequency between them. Mediums, channelers, animal communicators, and plant communicators get quantumly entangled with other physical beings and non physical beings which creates a telepathic connection between them.

Sex is something a lot of people have varying opinions on when it comes to soul contracts. Personally, what I've witnessed and experienced is that you don't need to have sex with a person to be quantumly entangled with them, seeing them from across the room is enough to create entanglement. Sex is a tool to trigger you both towards growth and healing.

How Energy Healing Works

How Energy Moves

Energy naturally has to flow. Energy is either still (in resistance) or it’s in movement (acceptance). Energy in resistance can create a lot of issues in a system that’s meant to be moving at all times. Where there is energy in resistance, illness will set in and in extreme cases of resistance after a while, death can occur. We can create movement with sound (music, sound healing, and light language), ingesting certain foods, drinking water intentionally, moving our bodies intentionally and intuitively, doing breathwork, working with and accepting our emotions, etc. When something touches still water, a ripple effect is created and that’s the same with energy. When you move energetically, everything else you’re quantumly entangled to moves with you (since you are connected to everything).

Energy is incapable of being positive or negative, high vibrational or low vibrational, good or bad. Energy is neutral and it will only ever be neutral. Objects don’t need to be charged or cleansed because you can’t run out of an infinite source and energy in everything is infinite. You’re also infinite, however you’re also as big as your perceived limitations. Believing is seeing. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed or transferred. What people call "negative" or "low vibrational" is just uncomfortable. The chart of what emotions are of a high frequency or low frequency was created to spark more resistance in people. No emotion is of a higher frequency than the other. The only feeling that can cause issues within you is resistance, even then, when you accept the resistance it can no longer cause issues within you.

The Purpose of an Energy Healer

Connections have the power to break us and connections can also have the power to give us the safety and space to heal. The purpose of an energy healer, coach, akashic record reader, medium, animal communicator, plant communicator, tarot reader, etc. is to model a healthy and safe relationship to heal in. Most relationships you have at the beginning of your journey are unhealthy which is why it's important to have one that models what that looks like. There are many many tools that can help you hold the space for yourself, however the action and power of healing comes from within you.

So long as you’re full of energy, you are able to be a channeler, plant communicator, animal communicator, medium, tarot reader, and energy healer. You are full of so much healing power. Being an energy healer, medium, animal communicator, plant communicator, etc. is knowing how to work with energy and giving it the space to flow naturally within you and outside of you.

Choosing a Practitioner

Psychics, mediums, channelers, energy healers, animal communicators, plant communicators, astrologers, card readers, and akashic record readers do exist, however not all of them do their practices from a place of connection and groundedness (connection to self). Most of them do it from a place of fear, disconnection, greed, and pain and they project it onto all of their clients. Those aren't the ones that can bring you healing and health, they will only ever bring you resistance, pain, and addiction. 

If the practitioner is ungrounded you'll feel addicted to the practitioner or service, anxious and scared, like you need them, you're under their control, forced, stuck, and boxed in if they are ungrounded. If they are grounded, you'll feel peaceful, serene, loved, cherished, safe, free, calm, and you'll gain more self awareness. You'll become more healthy because of their groundedness. By working with a grounded practitioner you'll be able to actually get better and make changes in your life to live a better life. A grounded practitioner will show you the way home because they've already found their own way home. Someone without the map to get home cannot guide you there. If they've never been, they won't know the way. Taking advantage of people's addiction is really good for business and getting a high following, however it isn't sustainable and will break apart and fall away. This is true for following certain people online and in all of your relationships in general. 

Ungrounded practitioners use spirituality as a way to bypass and escape the pain and discomfort of life. Please be aware of that when it comes to choosing a practitioner for you. A big sign of spiritual bypassing is focusing a lot on love and light while avoiding the shadow, lacking boundaries (emotionally and physically), focusing more on the energetic and mental body and less so on the physical body (top down approach), focusing more on the way you think and less with regulating the central nervous system, talking through your feelings (making them logical) instead of feeling them, the belief they're a God and are above other's because of the abilities they have, making you believe that you are above others, the promotion of Starseeds and light workers (it stems from anti-semetic origins), dissociation, making you give your problems to a higher power to solve, they focus more on you as a divine being and less on you being a human (which makes you a divine being), focusing on past life karma, etc. 

Energy Healing

Energy healing is the use of sound, speaking, humming, clapping, whistling, music (instruments and singing), light language, visuals to bring up emotions (art), eating certain food, taking psychedelics (with a guide), therapy, and physical movements with intention by creating physical and emotional movement in the body. When you suppress and resist the movement of your emotions, that energy becomes stored in the physical body and you find physical manifestations of that emotional pain with illness or physical pain. You cannot move energy without working with the physical body or physical environment too. When you strictly work with energy or strictly focus on the physical, whatever you're trying to heal always comes back because you didn't accept it all and not all of the bases were covered. To be healthy you need spiritual health, emotional health, and physical health. The physical realm and the energetic realm are completely intertwined.

Many believe light language to be an umbrella term for multiple languages used by non-physical energetic beings. Light language is a channeled form of expression directly from your heart centre. Everyone has their own light language. Light language is more of an energetic understanding than an auditory one so it's alright if you don't understand what's being said, you don't need to for it to do its job. Light language can be intuitive sounds created with your mouth that can sound like clicks, whistles, hums, a language, a song, etc. Light language can also be intuitively written symbols or intuitively made movements with your body.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy healing is used to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), dementia, learning difficulties, behaviour and psychiatric disorders, and cancer (of course it should never be used as your only treatment, but it can definitely help you through your treatments a lot). Some benefits and effects music therapy have on you are: it lowers stress, decreases mood swings, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, aids with pain management, lowers risk for coronary artery disease and stroke, and it improves your sleep.

The Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

The akashic records are similar to an energetic filing cabinet that contains the information of what has happened and what will happen to your soul, the earth, and the universe since the beginning of it all. The akashic records also contain information about your soul contracts in this lifetime as well as past lifetimes. The goal and purpose of an akashic record reading is to gently pull the veil of forgetfulness off of your eyes to then see, heal, and reintegrate the truth of your soul back into your being.

Soul Contracts

At the beginning of it all, we all came from the exact same energy source and that same energy source split apart into branches (souls). Each of those branches is the exact same energy and none of it is different from the other, which is why your soul can live multiple lifetimes on earth at the same time. People typically speak about karmics, soulmates, and twin flames in a way that makes them sound separate and different from the whole but they aren’t. It’s important to note that everyone has the potential for growth, however not everyone will choose that in their lifetime because humans have free will and no being has the power to save you from your circumstances except for yourself (this includes your higher power and other energetic beings). Depending on what you choose for your life, the universe (or your higher power) will provide for that path. When you open up and ask for help, something new, different, etc. the universe (or your higher power) will do everything in its power to give you the options to choose what you want so long as you empty yourself of your limiting beliefs and put down your pain. What people call your “soul family” is a group of beings that your soul makes contracts with based off of the choices you’ve both made in your lives. Members of your soul family can be humans, animals, plants, places, spirits, and other energetic beings. Some soul contracts last for a split second, some last for a conversation, some last for a day, some last for a week, some last for a month, some last for a year, and some last for a lifetime. You will never know what kind of contract you will have with another soul and you will never know when it’s completed until you or they die, which is why it’s so vital to be present in your connections with people. Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually carry on any past life karmic debts. This life time is this life time. With each new life time you get a new start. You may have past life memories but that's all they are, they don't actually have an effect on this life time at all. 

Twin Flames and Quantum Entanglement

What are Twin Flames?

Twin flames do exist, however it isn't what you might think it is. A twin flame is a label for an energy between you and someone else, it's not a person. This energy moves from connection to connection. All a twin flame is, is someone you grow with, someone you share telepathy with, and someone who mirrors you and these are all things you have with every single person, plant, animal, environment, energy, object, etc. on earth. You choose who your twin flame is because you choose who you grow with. Love is love, no matter the kind of relationship it's in and it needs to be expressed authentically no matter the kind of relationship it’s in. Romantic relationships aren't the end all be all of love, friendship is and romance is built off of friendship. 

The Purpose of a Twin Flame

A twin flame is not sent to you to complete you, you both are already completely whole in yourselves. A twin is not sent to you to save you from your pain and you are not sent to save them from theirs either. A twin comes into your life to show you all of the parts of you you need to love. Your twin flame will love those parts of you to inspire you to love them too. A twin flame is put on your journey to give you the drive to fight for yourself. After a certain point, you no longer need someone else to make you fight for yourself because you just start doing that for yourself. Once you start choosing you for you and let go of the other person is when you get into unity. The purpose of a twin flame journey isn't about your journey to get the other person back, it's only about your journey to yourself back. 

Letting go of Attachment

Any relationship you're meant to grow in is going to look messy (messy doesn't mean abusive) and it will be a trauma bond when you get together for the first time because that's the energy you're both operating from. Twin flames are trauma bonds. But trauma bonds can be broken. Letting go of your person really means letting go of who they were when you were together and believing and trusting that they can be more. It's about valuing yourself more than that person and walking away from things that cannot respect you. When we're so busy operating from our trauma, attachment, addiction, obsession, and fear, we can't actually see the person because the charge our pain gives us blinds us. 

At the end of the day, labels mean absolutely nothing and people get really caught up in the twin flame label because they're afraid of letting go to just be human. Being human and not having any certainty at all about what you're going to get is enough to be loved and get what you want. 

Part of letting go of the attachment to them means accepting that right now where they're at, they are unable to meet you in union and walking away to choose yourself. Letting go is about you valuing yourself enough to no longer accept bad behaviour from them. It's also about being completely honest with yourself and genuinely asking yourself if you're trying to force something to work out that just can't right now. You need distance (boundaries) between two people to actually connect in a healthy way. 

What's Twin Flame Union?

What union really is is just two people that are ready and willing to try to be better even in all of their brokenness. Even though they know they're broken, they also know that they deserve to be loved. 

Altered States of Consciousness

Healing with Food

Whatever you put into your body, whether that’s water, meat, dairy, grains, eggs, vegetables, fruits, juice, pop, caffeine, fast food, alcohol, herbs, spices, teas, tinctures, vitamins, supplements, medicines, oils, chemicals, drugs, etc. changes your energy and state of consciousness because you’re consuming something with its own energy to feed your body which in turn feeds your energy. You can heal your emotional and energetic body with what you feed your physical body. Food holds energetic properties to help you heal your trauma, but it also holds a lot of physical properties that help you heal your body as well. You cannot heal the physical body without also healing the emotional body as well. If there is an issue in the physical body, there's also an issue in the energetic or emotional body and vice versa. 

Plant Consciousness

Plants are living, conscious, intelligent, thinking, feeling, sensitive beings just like you and I. Plants are beings that can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel without the need for internal organs to do so. Plants often go unnoticed or overlooked in the human belief that they have no awareness or sense of feeling but they do, more than us even. The consciousness of a plant is different from that of a human or animal but it’s still there. To be a living being one requires a sense of awareness of their environment in order to survive to maintain homeostasis (balance).

Psychedelics and Plant Medicine

Psychedelics tend to open you up spiritually. In psychoactive plants, the spirit of the plant is so strong that it will take you on a journey towards understanding the truth of all things. Psychedelics give you a window into what state your consciousness is in. When you use psychedelics, you have a very fast, very intense spiritual experience which a lot of people call an “ego death” because for that moment your ego dissipates. A true ego death takes time and practice, and even then, your ego can’t die because it’s the thing that makes you human so it’s more of an ego integration. When you see a lot of things your mind wasn’t prepared to look at or you don’t have the tools necessary to understand or handle what you experienced, you get a “bad trip” and it can retraumatize people in some cases. The use of psychedelics and the spiritual connection with them is more of a sprint and less of a stable thing. You can use psychedelics as a way to heal trauma, however it isn't the drug that's healing it for you, it's just showing you what't there. The actual work comes from you. You shouldn’t be doing psychedelics to heal trauma (or in general) without a well experienced guide. There is currently a lot of research and trials going into trauma healing and psychedelics.

Addiction and Spiritual Bypassing

Drugs, alcohol, binge eating, sex, gambling, spirituality, etc. bring your pain up and you can use them to either escape your pain or to accept it. A solid majority of people use substances to disconnect because they don't know how to respect the substances they're using. When anything is used as a tool for disconnection instead of connection, it becomes a substance. Where there is no respect (boundaries), connection cannot occur. With any addiction, it's really just a craving and call for connection but not having the tools to have that in a sustainable, stable, or peaceful manner. Everyone with an addiction has trauma that's fuelling the addiction. Without healing the trauma that's fuelling the addiction, relapse happens. Most people have addictions but they just take on a different form than using drugs or alcohol. An addiction can be to old patterns, shame, fear, anxiety, depression, people, work, or anything else that brings you into a state of contraction (resistance) instead of expansion (acceptance). These forms of addictions are encouraged by society. In order to break an addiction you need distance and separation from it (a detox). You cannot break an addiction if you still have access to it.